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Drainage Geocomposites

Drainage Geocomposites
Dreinage Geocomposites
Drainage geocomposites
Drainage geocomposites


Drainage geocomposites are rigid tridimensional structures, made from polymers (PP, HDPE), formed by monofilaments in a network of parallel channels or by strips in a rombic or alveolar profile structure, with high tensile strength and high chemical resistance; with high flow capacity under high pressure and low hydraulic gradients; there are simple or covered on one or both sides with nonwoven geotextiles.


D=drainage; F=Filtration; S=Separation.


Drainage geocomposites are used for water or other liquid drainage, gas dispersion at closures and construction of landfills, water tanks, construction and modernization of roads, railways and other traffic areas, retention structures, bridges, foundations, basements, channels, tunnels and other underground structures, gardens and sports grounds.

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